The Hanseatic  tour  –  valleys  of  rivers  Rhine  and IJssel, historical towns, fishing villages

The Hanseatic  (Eastern) Tour  takes  you  through  the  central  region of  the  Netherlands,  which  was  originally  shaped  by  rivers.  It  cuts through  the  Rhine  valley  and  its  very  beautiful  tributary  the  IJssel, and  across  the  so-called  border  lakes.  The  IJssel  forks  from  the Rhine  near  Arnhem.  Of  great  scenic  beauty,  the  125  km  winding river  valley  offers  the  cyclist  a  fantastic  area  in  which  to  take  trips without  the  inconvenience  of  any  noteworthy  differences  in  height. You  visit  various  Hanseatic  towns  that  flourished  in  the  12th  and 13th  centuries,  due  to  the  fact  that  the  IJssel  was  then  one  of  the most  important  trade  routes  in  Europe.  You  then  go  on  to  visit  the so-called border lakes of the IJssel lake which lie between the “old” land of many beautiful harbour towns and new Flevoland (once the bottom of the IJssel lake) which was reclaimed in 1932. In this area you  visit  some  picturesque  fishing  harbours.  During  the  whole  tour you  travel  through  wood  and  moorland  sections  of  the  Achterhoek, Veluwe and Gooi nature reserves.

Example of route barge cruise along Hanseatic towns

Day 1. Amsterdam – Wijk bij Duurstede
Day 2. Wijk bij Duurstede – Oosterbeek – Arnhem
Day 3. Arnhem – Doesburg – Zutphen – Deventer
Day 4. Deventer – Zwolle – Kampen
Day 5. Kampen – Elburg – Harderwijk
Day 6. Harderwijk – Spakenburg
Day 7. Spakenburg – Amsterdam
Day 8. Amsterdam