Holland and Flanders

Making the trip between Amsterdam and Bruges by boat and bicycle is a fascinating, varied journey through two countries. In Holland, the western part of the Netherlands, you will be cycling along the winding Vecht and Lek rivers dotted with beautiful mansions, villas and small castles and through the typical flat and open Dutch scenery near Kinderdijk, where you can admire no less than 19 windmills in a row! The boat docks in the historic port of Dordrecht, one of the oldest towns of the Netherlands. Via the province of Zeeland, with its open water, you will cross the border into Flanders, where you will follow the beautiful cycle paths along the tidal river the Schelde to port and city of diamonds Antwerp, Dendermonde and Ghent. Take your time visiting these inner cities: there is so much to see. The jewel on this tour’s crown is probably world-famous Bruges, also known as the Pearl of Flanders.

Example of route Holland and Flanders – Amsterdam – Bruges

Day 1. Amsterdam – Nigtevecht | Nigtevecht – Breukelen (ca. 15km/9 miles) | Breukelen – Vianen
Day 2. Vianen – Schoonhoven – Kinderdijk (ca. 50 km/30 miles) | Kinderdijk – Dordrecht
Day 3. Dordrecht – Tholen | Tholen – Kreekrak lock (ca. 35 km/21 miles) | Kreekrak lock – Antwerp
Day 4. Antwerp – Temse – St.-Amands/Dendermonde (ca. 42 or 56 km/25 or 34 miles)
Day 5. St.-Amands/Dendermonde – Ghent (ca. 53/40 km or 32/24 miles)
Day 6. Ghent – Bruges (ca. 45 km/28 miles)
Day 7. Tour around Bruges to the North Sea (ca. 50 km/30 miles)
Day 8. Bruges
Parts in Italic will be covered by ship.
Program + details barring changes, a.o. as a result of nautical, technical or meteorological reasons.

These barges are very well suited for a barge cruise from Holland to Flanders