The Northern  tour – North  Sea  coast,  flat  rural land and towns along the IJsselmeer

Folklore and tradition in the flat “polder-land”, along the North Sea coast  and  in  romantic  fishing  villages.  You  will  cycle  across  a distinctly  rural  area,  a  former  lake  and  marsh  land  area.  Since  the 17th  Century, this area has been reclaimed from the sea, in ancient times  by  pumping  it  dry  with  windmills.  Highlights:  Very  scenic, typical  Dutch  “polder-land”,  dunes  and  the  beautiful  North  Sea beaches,  the  island  of  Texel  and  the  picturesque  harbors  of  the IJsselmeer coast.

Example of route for Northern Tour:

Day 1. Amsterdam – Zaandam
Day 2. Zaandam – Zaanse Schans – Alkmaar
Day 3. Alkmaar – North Sea coast – Den Helder**
Day 4. Island of Texel
Day 5. Medemblik – Enkhuizen
Day 6. Enkhuizen – Hoorn – Edam – Volendam
Day 7. Volendam – Waterland – Amsterdam
Day 8. Amsterdam
*:  Program + details barring changes, a.o. as a result of nautical, technical or meteorological reasons.
**: The  crossing  from  Den  Helder  to  the island of  Texel  will  take place  with your ship under normal weather conditions. In case of unfavorable weather or forecast, the captain may decide to stay in Den Helder. 

These barges are very well suited for the barge cruise Northern Tour: